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Why Trips To India For A Mommy Makeover Are Rising

India, no longer is limited to an exotic, vibrant holiday destination for the world craving some tropical sun, escaping the winter back home. ‘Kaleidoscopic- Laparoscope’ is one of the most apt terms to understand the country in a nut-shell.

As, reported by New York Times Daily, trips to India for a Mommy makeover is a rising trend, before you start to wonder ‘why’ here are some stats and facts chalked out for you.

In a survey, conducted by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery [ISAPS] in 2009, across top 25 countries representing 75 percent of the most commonly done surgical and non-surgical procedures by Board certified Plastic surgeons- with a total of 894,700, i.e. almost nine hundred thousand, surgical and nonsurgical procedures, contributing to 5.3 percent of all the procedures in the participating 25 nations, India bagged the fourth position, preceded only by USA, China and Brazil.

Mindboggling, right? Well, gear up, there is more to come.

This must leave you wondering, why women choose India for a mommy makeover, when USA is right here and Brazil is not too far either? And China is just as competitive? Well, plain simple math, economics rather-COST, SURITY ABOUT THE QUALITY OF HEALTHCARE SERVICES and linguistics- COMMUNICATION.

One can expect to save as much as 50 % or more on your plastic surgery trip to India as compared to what you would pay in USA, UK or Germany. India, caters to patients not only from Middle East and rest of Asia but also westerners, with most of the population especially in the metros being bi-lingual, there is an ease of communication and getting around any city.

Indian medical fraternity is well aware of the paradigm shift in medical tourism over the last decade. Therefore, there is a constant effort to keep up with the latest technology, while maintaining world-class infrastructure and staying abreast with the new procedures and techniques, both surgical and non-surgical. That ensures quality; safety and service are not imperiled.

For any treatment to be a successful, especially elective and cosmetic surgery; there has to be an understanding between the patient and the doctor. The entire road map comprising of patient’s priority, treatment options, expectations, the procedure itself, postsurgical recovery, maintenance and outcome, need to be discussed, drawn and conceded upon.

India alone has 2000, out of a total of 30,817, board certified plastic surgeons, eight largest among the top 25 nations. With this huge a pool of experienced, qualified and ISAPS certified surgeons, one can opt for a full mommy makeover or nowadays even a daddy do over or individual stand alone procedures.

Apart from various surgeons and hospitals to choose, there is an entire army of well-trained, cordial patient care coordinators and medical assistants to attend to overseas patients.

Even with a booming medical tourism industry, there is little or no waiting time since a lot of pre surgical formalities are preplanned.

Your pick-up, stay and even a recuperating retreat are prearranged, thus the entire process becomes hassle free and seamless. Therefore allowing the individual some time to recover and rejuvenate.

It is imperative that you do your share of homework and research before you dive into anything surgical anywhere in the world. It is also important to understand that no surgery anywhere by anyone is risk free. There is always a risk involved however minor it may be.

· Weigh the pros and cons, the benefits and the risks associated a surgery as a mommy makeover.

· Network and reach out to people who have previously visited India specifically for aesthetic or reconstructive procedures.

· Take recommendations and connect with companies based locally in India to help you zero down on the city, doctor procedure(s) and the cost.

· Identify, verify and confirm if your plastic surgeon is qualified, trained and board certified.

Now, the kaleidoscope part of the country, enough can ever be said in words to explain the riot of colour, culture, heritage, history and hospitality India is.

With the shift in perception of beauty the world over, there is no one who should miss the wellness wagon. Time, age, post-partum physical changes are all factors beyond our control whereas their effect can be mitigated if not completely eliminated, with the help of a dexterous surgeon, without breaking your bank. Look – young & fresh, feel-energetic and confident, & achieve maintain your pre-baby body, because you do not have to shell out a million dollars to look like one.

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