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Top 5 Honeymoon Exotic Destinations

Top 5 Locations for Exotic Honeymoons

After months of rigorous planning and all the chaos, the wedding rings have finally been exchanged, the bouquet tossed and the bottles of champagne have been sprayed all over the place (Well, we hope it was cheap champagne as it would be such a shame to waste the expensive ones). While weddings are a crazy and nerve-wracking yet completely satisfying experience, the same could be said about the honeymoons. Both require months of planning which typically starts even before the grooms are normally selected. Most women dream of the ideal wedding and that ideal honeymoon ever since they become adolescents.

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination, one must realize that there is no such thing as an ideal destination or a typical honeymoon destination in the modern world. A perfect honeymoon could take place anywhere in the world and most countries offer exotic places which are perfect settings for honeymoons. The main aspect that one should understand is not to go overboard and not include too much on their itineraries. Just because it is the first trip with the groom/ bride, it doesn’t mean that one has to stay in extravagant honeymoon suites, bathe in champagne or go to a tropical island to have that perfect honeymoon. In fact, the modern-day honeymooners prefer spending sums on thrills and frills such as helicopter rides, scuba diving, para-gliding, etc. rather than wasting money on unnecessary luxury. Each year wedding planners spend a lot of time in finalizing on the top 5 locales for exotic and yet exhilarating honeymoons. A few places that tick every check box and make it to every list are France, Bora-Bora, Hawaii, Maldives and Fiji.


One of the most popular honeymoon destinations amongst couples from across the globe is the country of France. Bathing in extremely rich and varied culture and history and exuding an aura of romance, France has been able to draw couples year after year. The country offers its honeymooners with a little bit of everything and one can choose amongst innumerable locales and places to visit or things to do. Apart from the exotic food and awesome wine which is found all over the country, tourists can spend their first few days of married life strolling down the Avenue des Champs-Elysses, spending romantic evenings in Paris – the city of romance, sunbathing on the beaches of Normandy, gawking at amazing architecture and rich artworks or taking in the aura of countryside romance. The best part is that couples can also choose to do it all since travelling within France is extremely convenient and easy.


The Bora-Bora islands are located in the French Polynesia and are also popular as heaven on earth. These islands are picture perfect and seems to be exactly like a figment of our imagination where one can spend romantic evenings on a small tropical island with no one within miles to disturb you. The Bora-Bora also includes innumerable hotels and resorts which boast of being amongst the best honeymoon resorts of the world. Almost all of these resorts allow their guests to stay in bungalows and houses which are built over water and have glass flooring and private lagoons so that honeymooners can truly live on water. The beautiful valleys full of exotic flowers and the majestic mountains which offer numerous sporting activities simply add to the island’s charm and flavour.


Hawaii has been a popular honeymoon destination amongst couples since ages. The Hawaiian Islands comprises of hundreds of islands which are spread over a 2400 span in the Pacific Ocean. However, the most popular islands in Hawaii for honeymooners are Hawaii, Oahu and Maui. One of the biggest advantages that the Hawaiian Islands have as a honeymoon destination is that they offer their honeymooners with a vast and extremely diverse ecosystem of majestic mountains, exotic beaches and lush green jungles. As a result, the resulting setting is a perfect paradise for the honeymooners. Hawaii is also popular for adventure activities such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, volcano tours, mountain biking and snorkelling. Lastly, when in Hawaii be sure not to miss the Luau – a traditional Polynesian feast which consists of dance, Polynesian music and exotic food.


The Maldives are a group of 1192 coral islands which are located in the Indian Ocean. The islands of Maldives are a recent addition in the lists of top honeymoon locales around the world and have gained fame slowly over a period of time. The most charming aspect about the islands is its picture perfect and flawless beauty which is simply worth admiring. With hundreds of islands and luxurious resorts to choose from, one can expect complete privacy amidst some of the most romantic settings of the world. Lastly, the Maldives is also perfect for couples who want complete privacy amidst nature and just laze around their private islands in each others arms and also want to enjoy adventure activities such as surfing, kayaking, etc.


The Fiji islands are a group of 300 islands which are located in between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji has always been a popular destination for romantics due to its exotic feel and the complete seclusion that it offers. Fiji is also popularly known as the place for breathtaking beaches and red-hot romance. The islands were made immortal in the movie “Blue Lagoon” and anyone who has seen the movie and wondered about the heaven like backdrops, has caught a glimpse of the islands of Fiji. Further, the crystal clear waters, private villas with private pools and ocean views, innumerable limestone caves, exotic birds and plants, idyllic villages and passionate song and dance have also played an immense role in drawing honeymooners from far and near. Lastly, the Fiji islands does not disappoint when it comes to adventure activities as well since couples can choose amongst snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, etc.

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