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Top 3 US Tourist Visa Requirements To Enter The USA

US Tourist Visa Requirements

You need to understand there are two main types of groups who apply for visas to the US:

1. The first group are people who have established ties in their home country; such as a good job, a house, a car or two, social commitments and other things like that. Thus if they were to overstay their visa, things at home would deteriorate.

2. The second group is people without jobs or a business, with little income, desperate to leave their nation for more prospects. In other words, people who have every incentive to stay in the US over their visa and become a burden on the economic system.

The single largest factor in deciding who receives a visa and those who do not are those people who can prove they will be going back to their country after their vacation … or at least make it look that way.

The Americans start with the initial thought that everyone wants to overstay their visa and stay in their nation. It is then your job to prove that you want to return home to your country. To pass the US Tourist Visa Requirements, you do this by clearly showing these three things:

The reason for your getaway is pleasure, business or for a medical reason:

  • Travel for pleasure or tourism is going to visit your relatives or friends, traveling around the United States, visiting New York City, going to the famous museums of Chicago and things like that.
  • Traveling for business means just that. You have an exact business meeting seminar, conference or things like that to attend.
  • Medical treatment is going to do a consultation with a physician or treat a non-contagious disease (if you have a contagious disease will immediately be denied a visa).

Your length of stay has specific dates and limited in length:

  • The length of your stay must coincide with the purpose of your visit.
  • Going to a family wedding, but staying for 5 months is illogical and you will probably get denied. But going for a documented family wedding and having a ticket to return in 2 weeks is much more logical.
  • This same logic applies if you traveling for business. It is logical to assume that people who travel for business are very busy and will stay for a few days or a week or two at most.
  • Traveling to the US for doctor advice may vary depending on the disease. For example, to go to a consultation for a bad knee and you might need to stay a few days or if you are having an operation, maybe a few weeks. And maybe if the surgery is very serious, the chances are that you will need to stay several weeks or months. But if you are traveling for medical reasons, it is very important that you take all records with you through immigration.

You have strong social and economic ties in your home country.

  • Living in a small room with 6 other people and not having your name on any official document relating to where you live shows that you do not have strong ties to your house.
  • But if you have a lease or mortgage, then you have much more incentive to return to your country.
  • These are the types of things you must prove.
  • Economic ties refer to your job; how long have you been working there? Do you have people who work under you at work and are dependent on you to be at work? Do you have stocks, bonds or even a car in your name?
  • Social ties mainly refer to your family. Do you have children or parents you must take care of? Or are you an integral part of a social society, that depends on you? Maybe a group that you organize the feeds the homeless or helps children receive a better education?

To get approved for a tourist visa, you must fulfill all three US Tourist Visa Requirements above.

Of course not everybody is able to prove each one of these US Tourist Visa Requirements, however in my book ' The US Visa Guide ', you can find out strategies and tips to prove (or at least make it look like) you will return home which will greatly improve your chances of success.

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