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Superfun Festivals of different countries you must not miss out

Don’t we all love to travel and explore different places and know about the culture? There is a different thrill in exploring different parts of the world. When we go to a different country we explore famous places, activities, and local food. What is better than this, right?

Well, here is what’s better than this is having something extra to this. The best you can learn about a place is by visiting and participating in local festivals which tell you about the true beauty of that place.

While backpacking makes sure to check out for some festivals which are ongoing and make the most out of it.

Superfun Festivals of different countries you must not miss out


La Tomatina Festival, Buñol, Spain

This festival was made famous in India after the epic movie ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara‘ featured this. La Tomatina festival is where people play with each other by squishing tomatoes all over each other. There is no ancient tradition attached to the game people just paly it for fun and have a good time.

la tomatina Spain

When: It is played on the last Wednesday of August

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

If you are a party freak and miss no chance for the same then this is the festival tailor-made for you. Party like there is no tomorrow.

Mardi Gras is also known as Fat Tuesday and is the beginning of a carnival. This is the last day of eating fancy and delicious food before people start fasting as per the tradition.

mardi gras

When: It takes place on 47 days before Easter


Holi, India

Holi is a festival of colors and is celebrated with full enthusiasm in India. There is a drink called ‘bhang’ associated with it which definitely lifts your spirits up. The holiday is celebrated at the beginning of the spring harvest. It is celebrated by performing a bonfire ritual according to the Hindu tradition and people pray to destroy their inner evil.

Holi India

When: Around the middle of March

International Balloon Festival, Albuquerque

You must have seen beautiful pictures of hot air balloons on Instagram and Pinterest and wished it in your heart to go there and experience it yourself. Well, International Balloon Festival is celebrated in Albuquerque with much joy and the view is just picturesque. It should not be missed and should be enjoyed if you get a chance to visit there.

International Balloon festival

When: First week of October. It is a 9-day event.

Carnivale, Venice

Also known as Carnival is an ancient festival celebrated in Venice where people dress up and roam around the streets. Parades and street entertainment take place during this time. This is a unique festival and you should not miss it if you are visiting this heaven.

It is taking place since 13th century. People feast by preparing donuts, pancakes and other desserts which are mouth-watering.

Carnivale, Venice

When: February end or March beginning



Oktoberfest, Munich

We see this fest going around in our cities every October where freshly brewed beer is served at very low prices. But this originated in Munich, Germany.

The festival sees German food, lots of beer, parades and live music which makes it liveliest festival all over the world. The people sure know how to party.


When: From mid-September to first Sunday in October. It is a 16-18 day-long festival.


Coachella, Indio

It is an annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California and has much hype around it. The artists from various genres come here and show their prowess. Pop, rock, jazz music can be enjoyed here. Afterward people go camping in the desert which is a different experience altogether.


When: Consecutive 3-day weekends in April.


Boryeong mud festival, South Korea

People go to Salons to take mud therapy but in South Korea, they have the Mud festival to lift their spirits. They have many festivals to their name but the mud festival is the most talked about. People play with each other covered in mud and go the nearby Daecheon beach to wash it off.

This takes place during summer and the weather is just perfect for it.

Boryeong mud festival

When: Last weekend of July.

Running of the bulls, Pamplona, Spain

This game needs no introduction as we all are aware of it. You watch people acting stupid and crazy running in front of bulls. But, it is interesting to watch. Watching on TV and watching it live are different things and you must not miss the chance to watch it live if you ever get it.

People play it as it is a part of ancient Spanish tradition plus it gives a kick to the adrenaline.

Boryeong mud festival

When: 6-14 July

Lantern Festival, Taiwan

Want to watch something calming and straight out of a fairytale movie then visit the Lantern festival in Taiwan. It is very relaxing to watch thousands of lanterns up in the sky at night. According to belief, a sky full of lantern means that the town is safe.

Each lantern carried the image of the owner and his wish.

Lantern festival

When: Anytime between mid-February to March.


So pack your bags and do tell us where are you headed to next. This is probably the best way to enjoy your trip to some other country and know it better culturally.


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