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South America Luxury Tours: Why They’re So Popular and Why You Should Go

Luxury tourism is booming, especially for South America destinations. The combination of new high-end properties and relatively lower prices when compared to the international market has contributed to the trend. But in addition to these two factors, what makes South America luxury tours so popular, and why should you consider one for yourself? Here are 3 reasons why.

Your Money Goes Further. Luxury travel has long been loved by the upper class, but it is increasingly becoming accessible to the middle class as well. And although 5-star hotels and private tours might stretch the budget a bit too tight in the United States or Europe, these things are entirely possible in South America. Usually, the biggest expense is the airfare, but if you are able to travel during the down season or have flexible dates, you can get good deals, especially from main airports such at Miami, Los Angles, and New York. Services are typically cheaper throughout Latin America, so not only are you able to treat yourself to luxuries like spa services, you can also browse local markets for handmade crafts. Peru is a great example of quality crafts that are extremely affordable in country, with everything from carved wood designed to delicate woven tapestries and cozy alpaca clothing.

They’re Easily Accessible. Gone are the days when only the elite could travel in comfort. Today you don’t need to be part of an exclusive club or have a private assistant plan your trip for you. There are plenty of hotels that are able to arrange excursions and transfers for you. And if you’re interested in traveling around a country or to multiple countries you can choose to book your entire trip with a luxury travel company. Luxury Machu Picchu tour packages, for example, can set you up in some of the best hotels in the region (and they’re not always the ones you’d know about!) as well as take you deep into the Peruvian Amazon with quick private transfers and private guides the entire way.

They’re Diverse. Luxury aside, one of the reasons so many people are flocking to South America is that it offers a great amount of diversity. During one seamless vacation you can: visit the Galapagos Islands, cruise down the Amazon River, take a luxury hike to Machu Picchu while staying in rural lodges, fly in a helicopter over Rio de Janeiro, and explore the mysteries of Easter Island. How is that for diverse?

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