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Safari Tanzania

Africa is the most exciting adventure holiday destination in the world, and specifically the country of Tanzania which is located in Eastern Africa and is famed for its endless activities which you can participate in there. Here are a few of the great things which you can take part in whilst in Tanzania.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

The three peaks of Kilimanjaro reach a height of 5,895 metres. Depending on the route which people take, Kilimanjaro can be hiked within 4 days, however this is not recommended, and taking 6-7 days is a much better way to take your time to let your body acclimatise whilst ascending up the largest freestanding mountain on earth.

Going on a wildlife safari

Tanzania is the best destination in the world to go on a wildlife safari. It has over 20 parks and reserves, namely the most popular one the Serengeti and the largest one Selous. You can see a whole host of animals at these parks, such as lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra, rhino, elephants and hyena. In some parks you may even get to see the extremely endangered African wild dog.

Fishing at Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is in between both Kenya and Uganda as well as Tanzania, and famous for being the largest freshwater lake in the world. It is possible to take fishing trips with the local villagers who live in the Lake Victoria area and go out for a day of fishing with them to catch fish such as Nile Perch.

Hot air balloon trip

In many areas of Tanzania, especially the larger reserves, it is possible to take a hot air balloon journey and experience the ultimate luxury of travel, celebrating the landing with champagne after you have drifted through the clouds and go a whole new overview of the land below.

Snorkelling or scuba diving

The coastal areas of Tanzania and surrounding islands such as Zanzibar are great places to go snorkelling at the coral reefs, or even scuba diving if you have you are qualified to do so. You can see all types of fish whilst snorkelling, and may even see marine life such as sea turtles if you go diving.

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