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Post Ski Trip Season Activities You Can Do This Summer

The winter season might be over and your ski trip won’t be in another couple of months. While most would be too happy to see people shed off their winter and spring clothes for something a little more revealing, others may gloomily be counting the days before the next ski season.

So how do you cope with end-of-ski-season blues? By having fun while staying fit, of course. These fun summer activities will keep your mind off the slopes (for a while) and get you in great shape, just in time for your trip to your dream ski vacation destination:

Sand skiing – Skiing in summer? Not as impossible as you think. Just grab a couple of sticks, then head out to the beach. The best part about sand skiing is that you won’t have to pay for ski passes, or wait in line for the ski lift.

Biking – whether it’s on the road, or a mountain trail, biking can help work out your quads and core with little impact on your knees.

Trail running – Trail running makes a good pre-ski workout for two reasons: Dirt is much easier on your joints than hard surfaces, and, unlike running on pavement, trail running works out different muscle groups in your body, as you traverse uneven trail sections.

Mountain climbing or backpacking – If “being one with nature” is your style, backpacking or mountain climbing may be a great way to spend your summer. You’ll definitely benefit from carrying around heavy packs while doing trails or steep climbs at higher altitudes.

Paddle boarding – Get your bum off the beach towel and go paddle boarding. It’s a great way to catch some rays while strengthening your core at the same time.

Beach volleyball – A friendly game of beach volleyball can do more than just give you an opportunity to make new friends (and have fun with old ones too). It can help you tone and strengthen your legs, and increase heart rate.

Climbing – Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, climbing is an enjoyable and low-impact full body work out. It will help strengthen and tone all muscle groups.

Rollerblading – It’s not just a cool way to get around. Rollerblading can help get your legs ski-ready.

Crossfit – From squats to pistol, crossfit training can help keep your body stay in shape and ready for your next ski vacation. This workout combines conditioning and metabolic rate strengthening, which can help you endure the high altitudes and harsh winter conditions on the slopes.

The halcyon summer may mean saying goodbye to snow for now. But it’s a great opportunity for you to get yourself ski ready, just in time for your next ski trip.

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