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Honolulu Travel Guide

Honolulu is the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Far away from the mainland US, its culture, norms, traditions and way of life are totally different from what you would observe in the mainland of USA. Contrary to the popular belief, Honolulu is not a respite from busy life in metropolitan cities, but it still has the feeling of the laid-back island atmosphere.

Accessing Honolulu

Honolulu International Airport is a very convenient option of accessing this city. Cruise ship is another reasonable alternative that you can make use of, to reach this city of mesmerizing ambiance. If you want to drive to get around this city then ensure that you have a very good map of Honolulu, otherwise it may get a little too confusing. If you do not want to drive yourself then bus service and taxi are also good choices you can easily opt for. Traffic is a major issue in Honolulu, so I wouldn’t really encourage you to drive until and unless you have a passion to drive in such conditions.


Waikiki beach is one of the most popular beaches visitors think of, when planning a trip to Honolulu. White sand beach and clear blue water is the major reason behind it. This beach is popular with almost all kinds of tourists whether sunbathers, catamaran, swimmers, surfers, boarders and just anyone who loves water sports. This place is packed with people because of whom it often gets overcrowded. But, even if your preference is quiet beaches, look no further than Honolulu, it also offers tranquil beaches like Hanauma bay.

Scenic Beauty

Diamond Head is one of the most popular places in Honolulu which has an international reputation for its scenic beauty. Advantageously, the top area also gives a panoramic view of the whole city and it looks simply awe-inspiring, like as if you have come to a new world of beautiful scenery. Nu’uana Pali Lookout gives the perfect picturesque and extensive view of this whole city. Despite the harsh winds, if you would view this scenery, then you would forget everything else.


In simple and plain words, Honolulu has a very average climate which doesn’t change much throughout the year. The only significant change you would observe is perhaps rain. For the most parts, it’s mostly sunny but if you are near the hilly areas you would observe passing clouds or maybe a little scarce rain too. The western region is more often than not, sunny but the eastern or northern region are known to have clouds and rains consequently.


There are a number local restaurants i.e. chains of regional zippy which are very famous with the locals and visitors alike. Their trademark dish is a unique kind of chili dish which is available in a variety of specialties making it all the more delicious and unique.


Most of the accommodations available for tourists in Honolulu are available near Waikiki. The peak season of Honolulu is generally between mid December to March and June to September. In other seasons, you can easily get the best bargains and cheapest deals as far as accommodation is concerned.

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