Honeymoon Funding Options


    It has long been tradition for the newlywed couple to leave on a honeymoon after the wedding. The honeymoon is a traditional period of time that the couple takes alone together away from the pressures of work and family.

    Many couples assume that a honeymoon needs to be a spectacular – and very pricey – trip. When couples want a special once-in-a-lifetime experience, it can be tempting to spend thousands of dollars. It isn’t necessary, however. There are ways to have that honeymoon and not break the bank. Read on for details.

    A major boon to the budget conscious couple is the increasing popularity of cruise ship weddings. Nowadays more couples embark on a cruise to an exotic locale such as Bali, or the Caribbean, and get married aboard the ship!

    Does this surprise you? Many cruise ships have a chapel on board which is staffed by a priest or minister. The clergyperson can marry you while you are on board. Compare the cost of a traditional wedding, which can easily reach $20,000 or more, with the cost of a cruise ship wedding. That just costs the price of your cruise plus a few more hundred dollars for licenses and chapel fees.

    It pays to be creative and nonconventional in tough times. Maybe a cruise ship wedding is not the most standard or typical wedding, but it can still be lovely and memorable. Plus, you are already on a fantastic trip that works as the honeymoon!

    Cruise ship wedding doesn’t sound good to you? Or you have your heart set on a different trip? You can still cut down your honeymoon costs. Instead of registering for a bunch of gifts that you really don’t want and many not ever use, why not ask your family and friends to contribute to a honeymoon fund?

    It’s a simple thing to set up a honeymoon registry fund online and collect contributions. Both sides benefit when you do this. Your family and friends will be so glad to be giving you a gift that you and your spouse will be glad to receive, and you and your spouse will get that fantastic trip that you’ve wanted for so long.

    Creativity is called for if you want to have a honeymoon during periods of economic distress. It makes sense to budget and cut corners where you can. If you need to postpone, even, you can always take that dream trip to the exotic location when economic times turn around.

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