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Honeymoon Cruise – Romantic Or Not?

When it comes to any romantic vacation, partying with college students is probably the last thing on your mind, right? Well look at planning your honeymoon cruise just like you would any other location. Just because it’s a cruise doesn’t mean it will be blissfully romantic. Too many times, I see newlyweds wishing they had picked a different cruise for their honeymoon. Please, don’t let this be you? All you need is some careful forethought and research.

Things to consider. Unfortunately, most of us need to consider a budget when planning any vacation… a honeymoon is no different. Thinking about money while on your honeymoon does not set the mood for romance, which makes cruising a very attractive honeymoon option. It’s more of an all inclusive type of vacation without unexpected costs of food, taxi’s and entertainment. Variety is another good reason to pick a cruise for your honeymoon! To visit the different locations you do on a cruise would cost twice as much any other way. Would you rather say you went to Venice for your honeymoon, or Venice, Rome and the Greek Islands. Or instead of St Thomas, you could say St Thomas, St Maarten, St Lucia and Antigua.

Another point to consider when planning your honeymoon cruise is the time of year you want to go. For most of you, this is easy. Directly after your wedding of course. Now I’m not saying to plan your wedding date around your honeymoon (although probably not a bad idea), however at least consider the following:

  • Spring break (certain cruises are popular for spring breakers)
  • Hurricane or typhoon season (depending on the location)
  • And weather seasons (can impact your flights to and from the cruise)

I’ve seen countless honeymooners miss their cruise because they were stuck in Chicago or Frankfurt airport due to weather delays. Therefore, factor in delays when planning your flights. What ever you do, fly in a night or two before your cruise date and stay at a hotel, friends or relatives. Having this extra time up your sleeve will relieve a lot of stress during flight delays and ensure you make your cruise on time.

I hope this gives you a head start in your honeymoon planning.

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