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Europe Vacations – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Guided and Non-Guided Tours

Most people only dream of taking a vacation in Europe. Now this can become a reality even for average income earners. You don’t have to spend a fortune or blow your inheritance just so you can take a whiff of the sophisticate sights and sounds of this famed continent. By scheduling trips on low season months and taking advantage of budget packages, you can enjoy Europe with a small budget.

Often, when touring Europe, package sellers give the choice of a guided or a non-guided tour. Which one is a better option for you? The answer depends on the kind of traveler you are, your preferences and your resources.

Non-Guided Tours

Non-guided tours are definitely the answer if you are on a shoestring budget. It definitely costs much less if you make your way across the continent toting your own backpack. This kind of European vacation however is only a good idea for people who have independent streaks, who love rugged adventure and who have lots of common sense. Needless to say, going on a land trip on your own can be potentially dangerous. Like any other bustling place on earth, the cities of Europe can hold numerous dangers.

Guided Tours

Guided tours may be more expensive. They are however, safer and more organized. You never have to decipher confusing maps, ask around in broken French or look like a lost kitten in the middle of nowhere. If you can’t take the pressure of looking after yourself, guided tours are the way to go.

If it’s your first time to go on vacation in Europe, you should rather be safe than sorry. Consider taking a non-guided tour only if you’ve been to Europe before.

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