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Choosing the Right Camping and Hiking Gear

Camping was a popular outdoor sport for centuries – what we consider camping used to be a way of life for some of our earliest ancestors; and in some of the poor, third world countries of the world, it still is. But many people here in America spend quality vacation time relaxing in the great outdoors.

Whether you prefer the luxuries that can be provided with a recreational vehicle and full water and electrical hook ups, or if you prefer hiking with all of your gear into a secluded spot in the wilderness to set up camp, making sure you have the right kind of equipment for the right environment is crucial to any trip – and can really make the difference between a great time getting back in touch with nature and an awful time full of headaches and hassles.

The majority of campers enjoy this leisure activity in the Spring, Summer, and sometimes Fall. Many of us visit campgrounds and state parks, while others enjoy the seclusion of a privately owned plot of land. Others, however, prefer camping in the cold of Winter and the many different challenges it has to present to the few campers who dare to brave it. And then there are some who live in cold-weather climates; for them there is no choice but camping in the ice and snow. Many of these people have learned to adapt to the environment over the years and have developed some creative, innovative and completely functional ways to beat the elements.

Extreme heat can be an issue too, especially while tent hiking – if the sun is beating down on your tent all morning long, it could very well act like an oven with you inside. That is why proper ventilation of your tent and some sort of shade, whether it is natural or from a tarp is important as well.

Depending on what amenities you will want to have on your trip, your equipment list may include a small, portable grill, some quick and easy to make dinners, cell phone or radio, a hammock to relax in, any cosmetic accessories you may want and so on.

If you are camping near a source of water, you will want to make sure to bring something for purification. Boiling the water on a stove or grill works well, but there are also water purification tablets on the market. At a specialty gear store one can even find small, portable water filtration systems.

Just remember, before any trip you should always double check your packed bags and make sure you’ve included all the gear and equipment on your list. Having quality, dependable gear that is right for the environment can really make or break your trip to the great outdoors.

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