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Best Time to Visit Ecuador in South America

If you are planning for a vacation in Ecuador, then the very first thing to concern is the best visiting time. This beautiful country encompasses an area of 283,561 sq. km of the entire South American continent and has been sub-divided into four different geographic regions. As such, there is a mild variation in the climatic pressure. Although different places experiences different climate, tourists can expect to travel through Ecuador anytime round the year.

The different geographic regions in the Ecuador include La Costa (coast) in the western part, La Sierra (Andean highlands) in the north-south, La Amazonia (the Amazon rainforest) in the east and the Galapagos Islands, situated west of the mainland of the country. The variation of climate depends upon the altitude of the places. The coastal areas remain hot and rainy between January and April, while the highlands experiences temperate and dry climate round the year. However, the Amazon region located on the eastern side of the Andean mountains shares temperature of other nearby rainforest zones and can be explored anytime, all throughout the year.

Generally, the summer season starts from June and continues till the last week of September and the winter season begins from October and goes on till May. In order to get detailed information about Ecuador, you can consider contacting the tour operators in the country. Since they deal with providing tour packages to the visitors, they will have up-to-date information about the weather condition in the country.

There are some tour companies in Ecuador who are known to provide tour packages round the year. The tour advisors employed in such companies are expert in guiding the visitors during their trip in different nook and corner of the country. If you want to enjoy comfortable holiday in Ecuador, then consider seeking travel assistance from those companies which can offer you tour program as per your preferences and budget.

Some tour operators in Ecuador are known to provide tour packages at affordable rates. By availing tour programs from reliable companies, you will be able to include all adventure activities like scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands, trekking in Andean highlands, wildlife watching in the Amazon rain forest, cruises in the Amazon Rivers and lots more. Moreover, some tour service providers are known to help visitors find cozy accommodation at the hotels in Ecuador.

So, make a decision to contact some reliable tour operators and get set for a memorable trip to Ecuador!

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