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13 Steps to a Safe Trip in Latin America

#1 – Do your research and ask questions. There are many sites you can visit that can help you learn more about the place you’re headed to. Some of these sites include,,, and Feel free to shoot me an email if you have concerns.

#2 – Try to go with a group. I know many of you are headed out on your own. I’ve gone on many trips on my own, but there’s always safety in numbers. Try to go with one or two other people.

#3 – Try to learn the language before you go. Nothing makes you stand out more in a foreign land, then not knowing the local language. Even a little conversational knowledge will go a long way. Knowing the language makes you seem like a seasoned traveler.

#4 – Feel out your new surroundings. Remember that you are going to someplace you’ve never been before, and there may be areas that are safe, and areas that are not so safe. So always be alert and cautious while you get to know your new surroundings.

#5 – Don’t be flashy. Lave the IPODs, earrings, jewelry, fancy watches, and Iphones at home, or in the hotel room. Be cautions about where you pull these things out and what you carry on you. I try to be as low key as possible, especially when I’m in a place I’m not familiar with. I generally don’t like to be too flashy, even if I’m in a safe place.

#6 – Travel with the locals. If you’ve already made friends on the Internet, they will look out for you. No one knows the local city better then the people who live there. Try to make some friends online before you go, or meet some locals once you get there. Let the locals guide you safely through your trip.

#7 – Be cautions at night. I generally don’t like to walk around at night. For the most part I stick to taking taxis to and from wherever I’m headed if it’s already late.

#8 – Hail a taxi off the street as your last resort. Have your hotel, club, bar, or friend call you a taxi. Although the taxi’s on the street are generally

safe, you never know, so I always try to get my establishment to call me the taxi. They know who to call and who the good guys are.

#9 – Don’t cary around too much cash, and stash it in different places. In the event you do get robbed, don’t try to fight. Just give them the stash in your back pocket. Thieves will almost never hurt you if you cooperate. So, although I’ve never been robbed, if I found myself in that situation I would give them

everything they wanted right away. I usually keep a little stash in my shoe or sock, or some other pocket.

#10 – Cary around a photocopy of your passport and license. Leave the real thing in the lock box at your hotel, or in a safe place along with the rest of your valuables. But always try to remember to carry the copies, in case you run into trouble with the local law enforcement.

#11 – Don’t leave drinks unattended. I’ve had instances in local bars around here in New York where my dates drinks have been roofied. Make sure you keep a close eye on your drinks, especially if your on your own. I try not to drink too much in general, especially when I’m in a place I’ve never been before.

#12 – Don’t bring too much attention to yourself. I personally like to fly under the radar as much as possible. I try not to bee to loud or make a scene.

#13 – MOST, IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN. Remember guys, It’s better to be overly cautious until you get use to your new surroundings. But most importantly, remember that you are in an environment that favors men. These foreign women love guys like you, and they will show you a great time.

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